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What is Lowe Rust Primer/Paint?

Lowe Rust Primer/Paint is a premium brand of primer/paint that may be applied directly to rust. It binds to the surface, neutralises the rust with which it comes into contact and protects against future corrosion.

What is the difference between Lowe Rust Primer and Lowe Rust Paint?

The Lowe Rust Primers and Lowe Rust Paints have the same basic formulation. However, while the Primers give a matt finish, the Paints come in a range of colours in a satin finish. In addition, the Paints are available in Silver and Gold metallic finishes. Two coats need to be applied regardless of whether you are using the Primers or the Paints. The Primers do not require a separate Paint overcoat and the Paints do not require separate Primers. The important thing is that 2 coats are applied in total. This can comprise a single coat of Primer and a single coat of Paint or 2 coats of Primer and/or 2 coats of Paint

How many coats do I need to apply?

The Lowe Rust Primer is tested to protect against rust when it is applied at a minimum thickness of 70 microns. In practical terms this means that 2 coats need to be applied.

How is it applied?

Lowe Rust Primer may be applied by brush, roller or spray.

Do I need to thin it?

No, the Primers and Paints are ready-to-use without thinning. If applying by spray it may be necessary to thin. If you do need to thin the paint then we recommend Douglas White Spirits. Alternatively, you may thin with xylene. Be careful to thin gradually and only up to a maximum of 10% by volume.

What surface preparation is required prior to application?

Minimum surface preparation is required prior to application of Lowe Rust Primer/Paint. Simply use a wire brush to remove all loose/flaky material, remove all oil and dirt and make sure the surface is dry before application. If very thick rust is present, it may be necessary to remove as many layers of rust as possible, so as to ensure you are back to the original surface prior to applying the Lowe product. This is because the Lowe is only effective in neutralising the rust with which it comes into contact. If there is thick rust, then the rust underneath the top layer will reappear as “rust creep”. We recommend Lowe Rust Remover Aerosol as a preparation product if required.

For how long will it protect against rust?

Assuming proper preparation and the application of 2 coats Lowe should give excellent protection against rust for at least 10 years. The 2nd coat acts as a barrier to water penetrating to the substrate.

Is Lowe Primer/Paint suitable for use on wood?

Yes, it is. In fact, Lowe is excellent for use on wood as it has excellent adhesion properties and is flexible, ensuring that it does not crack or break as the wood expands or contracts.

What is the coverage of Lowe Rust Primer/Paint?

Coverage is approximately 10 square metres per litre. A minimum of 2 coats is required, 3 coats if spraying.

In what colours and sizes are Lowe Rust Primer and Lowe Rust Paint available?

Lowe Rust Primer is available in 5 sizes ranging from 250ml to 5ltr can size in a matt finish across 2 colours – Brick Red and Dove Grey.

Lowe Rust Paint is also available in 5 can sizes ranging from 250ml to 5ltr in a satin finish across 8 colours – Black, White, Grey, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow and Silver. It is also available in Metallic Gold in 250ml, 500ml and 1ltr sizes.