DAA0500 – Danish Oil, 5ltr

For sealing and varnishing all types of interior timbers and sometimes used externally on hardwood garden furniture. If using on bare wood one would normally look to apply three coats to give a hard, water-resistant low-sheen finish. When project is fully dry, buf surfaces with a lint free cloth and wipe over with a damp cloth to maintain. If used externally one should bear in mind that it gives no UV protection to the underlying timber so you may need to apply oil once a year. Apply by brush or cloth and wipe of any excess oil after 15 minutes to avoid too long a drying time. Only re-apply when the previous coat is dry (allow a minimum of 4 hours between coats). If using a large container size it is very important to keep stirring the oil when using, as the drying agent in the oil has a tendency to sink to the bottom. If this happens, then when you apply the remnants of the container it has too much of the drying agent and it appears as a white residue which is extremely difficult to rectify.

Barcode: 5098929011615

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